“Traditional client values, innovative legal approach…”

Formston Bromfield Lawyers is a Gold Coast based law firm, founded by two experienced lawyers who wanted something more from the legal profession. They sought to establish a legal practice that would provide clients across Queensland with time-honoured professional service in a way that combined a modern aspect to achieving desired legal solutions. By ensuring we utilise the latest technology and systems, we are able to provide our clients with outstanding and convenient service that continues to promote the importance of traditional lawyer-client professionalism.

As a result, each client we represent receives an outcome-focused and efficient process that maintains a high level of professional service.

At Formston Bromfield Lawyers, we also understand the negative impact that legal problems cause, and empathise with the concerns of those across Queensland when it comes to finding the right lawyer to help. It is further understood that those in the community are often restricted with the hours they are able to seek advice from lawyers. To ensure we provide our clients with the very best of service, our team endeavours to be available outside of normal business hours as much as practical. We feel that this provides our clients with a legal team that can provide them with trusted legal advisors during often difficult or trying times.

These values are the foundation of Formston Bromfield Lawyers, and we are proud to provide our clients with access to legal advice in an environment that makes them feel comfortable, understood, and heard.